The Garden

The Garden


The Garden is my second short animation. I've directed, written the script and drawn all the concept design. 

The script is based on my own story... A story of a girl who spent her early childhood in nature but then had to grow up in a big city...

The poster of ''the Garden''

Sponsored by Ministry of Culture & Tourism in 2016


Production: T.C Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlıgı, Sinema Genel Müdürlügü / Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı

Producer: Idil Ar Uçaner / Berat Ilk
Director: Idil Ar Uçaner

Script:  Idil Ar Uçaner

Concept Design:  Idil Ar Uçaner

Animation: Tuncay Çetin

Traditional Animation: Erhan Gezen, Murat Çelik

Music: Kerem Akdag

Sound Design: Ozan Kurtulus

Project Consultant: Cemal Erez

All Rights Reserved © Idil Ar Uçaner, 2019